by Marjam Idriss and Frankie Mace

Soooooo I just googled Elizabeth

Báthory / Haha What did u find? / Just a lot

of torture No biggy They say Bataille was

deviant My my / Haha yeah that is her cultural

heritage rly. Lots of torture / Wild /

I mean I think she’s an interesting enough

character to feature in lots of poems So far

ive only seen her figure in horror films / It’s time

to rehabilitate her / I meeeaaan / Canonise /

Not sure she can really be rehabilitated / Like

the Marquis de Sade / Yeah true / Imagine the rage,

such ungovernable rage / Yeah ok let’s do it. Everyone

knows Sade, Báthory shld be famous too / Yes

Can we only imagine her motives? I want

to read the court record I see her screaming

in a fortress bloody as Carrie / That is

another poem again Beautiful / I’ve a gift Ha /

There was an article I read that imagined a bit

abt her life etc. for The Toast everyone’s favourite blood

countess I disagree w the toasts angle abt historical

murderous lesbians being a negative stereotype But

fun article still / What’s that film about

the female serial killer in the states? They made

some stunning actress ‘ugly up’ (Hollywood ugly) / Oh

god what’s it called again I forget The name of the woman

that film was based on is in that poem actually / Charlize Theron

/ Ha / Monster! / Monster!! No the real life lady As in

Monster is based on a true story Urh that film

is soooo sad tho / So sad I remember it felt so

bleak it sort of empties you out / But

there’s like 10 adorable mins where they r happy

together and I try to remember that bit / You are

a romantic / Like when she has some money & they

get that flat / So great / But then obv Horrible

horrible things / Then degradation, prostitution and murder

Not that I have a problem with sex work of course But

sex work out of desperation feels troubling Especially accompanied

by violence and murder / Ofc. But I mean in the film

there’s like her being a sex worker and that being ok

and then just rape and exploitation and danger

danger / I can’t actually remember how

it all goes wrong / This guy rapes her and then she kills him

and steals his money right / That seems a kind of righteous

justice / And then she treats her gf and they r

super happy so she figures she’ll stop

being a sex worker and just start killing

people & take their money instead / Ah It’s a fall into

temptation / Like in a lot of ways it’s such a male

horror story – the idea of a sex worker who is dangerous

and can kill u / So actually it’s her refusal of

patriarchal capitalism that destroys them / When

really the power is def shifted the other irl Yeah

defs And then she gets caught obv and. goes

to jail and never sees gf again / Horrible / Not

that I am pro murder But I mean / I was

def rooting for Charlize / Same

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